Mousketeer Dennis Day: Body found at home of missing original Mouseketeer Dennis Day

Mousketeer Dennis Day, 76, was reported missing in July 2018 by his husband, Ernest Caswell
Posted on April 6, 2019,at 9:23 PM
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Mouseketeer Dennis Day have found a body inside the former child star's home - eight months after he went missing.

The remains, found Thursday at Day’s Phoenix, Oregon home, haven’t yet been identified, Oregon State Police told The Medford Mail Tribune. Police haven’t disclosed how the remains were found.

Human remains were discovered at the property on 510 Pine Street in Phoenix, KOBI 5 TV reported.

Police on Thursday asked the coroner to identify the remains. Authorities would not release more information about the circumstances of the discovery.

An Oregon State Police forensics truck was seen outside the home on Friday, according to the Mail Tribune.

Day, 76, is an actor and appeared as a Mouseketeer in the original 1950s run of “The Mickey Mouse Club.” He was reported missing July 15 by his husband, who has memory loss and was in a hospital at the time, Oregon Live reported.

Day reportedly told neighbors he was headed out for a few days -- and that was the last time they saw him, according to KOBI-TV. A missing persons report said he “uncharacteristically” left his dog with a friend on the day he disappeared. His car was found July 26 at the Oregon coast.

Day’s disappearance went largely unnoticed until December, when his family saw a news report on his disappearance, Oregon Live reported. His family spoke to “Dateline” in December.

“We are devastated," Day’s niece, Denise Norris, told Dateline. “We had no idea anything was happening, and six months into it, we figured it out. We should have been notified.”

Police told KOBI 5 that Day's car was initially missing, but it was soon found on the Oregon coast. Two people were said to have been in the car, although neither Day nor Caswell appeared to be familiar with them. 

Day’s family set up the “Help Us Find Dennis Day!” Facebook page, where they post updates on the investigation.

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