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Michael Haim and Aaron Fraser: A man saw his father kill his mom in his childhood

Michael Haim, 52, in court on Monday for the jury selection in his trial
Posted on April 8, 2019,at 9:31 PM  
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A 29-year-old man won childhood home in Florida in a lawsuit against his father.

Michael Haim appeared in a Florida court Monday where jury selection for his murder trial was completed.

Aaron Fraser, 29, was three years old when his mother Bonnie Haim disappeared. At the time, he tried to tell police that his 'daddy hurt mommy', but no one believed him and no physical evidence tied his father to the crime, according to the Florida Times-Union
“Daddy hurt her,” he is said to have told a child protective services worker.

Even his mother's family members did not believe him.

But in December 2014, after the 24-year-old took possession of the house, he and his brother-in-law rolled up their sleeves for a renovation.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the two men began by smashing apart a swimming pool in the back with a rented excavator. At one point, the machine cracked a large concrete slab near an outdoor shower. Aaron began hacking at the pieces with a sledgehammer. Below in the dirt, he found a plastic bag, and from inside he pulled something out. It was a coconut, he thought.

“Why would someone bury a coconut in a bag?” Aaron asked his brother-in-law, according to News4Jax.

Then, the men noticed the teeth and eye sockets. It was a skull.

Fraser is expected to testify during the trial.

'We will keep positive thoughts for a competent jury that will hear the truth and make the best decision they can,' the family wrote Monday on a Facebook page dedicated to her memory.   

Opening statements in the case are expected Tuesday morning.                              

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