Mario Batali: Famed New York chef will NOT face charges for alleged sex attacks on two women

Famed New York chef Mario Batali will not face any charges for alleged sex attacks on two women at his restaurants.
Posted on January 8, 2019,at 9:46 PM
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The New York Police Department has closed two sexual assault investigations into celebrity chef Mario Batali without filing charges, a police official said Tuesday.

According to CNN, authorities were unable to find probable cause in any of the cases it was investigating.

In March, a woman filed a police report accusing Batali of rape on  at one of his West Village restaurants, according to TMZ.

The woman claims she was drinking at the bar at Batali's West Village eatery Babbo when the incident occurred.

Police had been investigating the two charges against Batali after several accusations against the chef came to light in 2018. One woman had claimed Batali raped her at Babbo, his flagship NYC restaurant, in 2004, while another appeared on “60 Minutes” and alleged that Batali drugged and sexually assaulted her during a 2005 visit to the Spotted Pig eatery in Manhattan’s West Village.

The Spotted Pig and its owner Ken Friedman also came under scrutiny in 2018 after sources inside the restaurant claimed Friedman would entertain friends, including Batali, in a private third-floor dining area that some of the employees had dubbed “the rape room," per a New York Times report published in Dec. 2017.

Sources from the New York City Police Department reportedly told TMZ that two cases of sexual assault against the disgraced celebrity chef have been closed.

Batali and his wife Susi appear to still be together in spite of the allegations being made by these women, and the couple have two teenage sons.

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