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Donna D'Errico children with Nikki Sixx

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx had one daughter born in 2001.
Posted on August 17, 2019,at 8:23 PM  
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Donna D'Errico divorced rock musician Nikki Sixx in 2007, after eleven years of marriage.Together they had one daughter born in 2001.

D'Errico also has a son, Rhyan, born in 1993.
D'Errico is a Roman Catholic who attends Mass weekly and prays the Rosary every night with her children.

Donna D'Errico children with Nikki Sixx

According to yahoo news,Donna D'Errico claims her ex-husband, rocker Nikki Sixx, is using creative interpretations of their divorce agreement to get out of paying her what she claims he owes.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the former "Baywatch" star claims Sixx owes her $24,771 in back child support for their daughter, Frankie Sixx.

D'Errico claims their child support agreement calls for Sixx to pay $8,257 per month in child support until the later of two dates: March 31, 2019 or until Frankie is no longer enrolled in high school.

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