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Destination Maternity bankruptcy and closing stores

Destination Maternity has international store franchise and product supply relationships in the Middle East, South Korea, Mexico, Israel and India.
Posted on October 22, 2019,at 11:02 AM  
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On October 21, 2019, Destination Maternity filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and would begin closing 183 stores.

It previously announced plans in November to shut down 240 to 280 outlets between fiscal years 2018 and 2022.

The company had 937 retail sites at the end of its latest quarter on Aug. 3. That was down from 1,114 a year earlier and 1,220 in January 2017.

Destination Maternity, founded as a mail-order business in 1982, is a major employer in South Jersey. It has a 74,000-square-foot headquarters in Moorestown and a 406,000-square-foot distribution center in Florence.

In 2009, Destination Maternity partnered with the National Football League to offer NFL football maternity t-shirts, sweatpants, and baby clothes at Motherhood Maternity stores. In 2010, a similar partnership was announced to offer MLB baseball maternity t-shirts and baby clothes.

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