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Daryl “Dee” Lee and Lois “Lola” Oglesby: Boyfriend shared his girlfriend's last words

Lois “Lola” Oglesby, 27, was one of nine people killed when shooter Connor Betts, 24, opened fire in the lively Oregon District of Dayton.
Posted on August 7, 2019,at 8:44 PM  
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A mother who was shot in the head during the horrific mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio early Sunday morning.

In an emotional Facebook post, Daryl “Dee” Lee shared his girlfriend Lois “Lola” Oglesby’s last words.

“She FaceTimed me and said ‘Babe, I just got shot in my head, I need to get to my kids,” Lee wrote on Sunday following the massacre.

“Like that’s strong as f— to hold off to call me!!” Lee continued. “She was letting me know she loved me and to take care of these kids and I got you babe!!!!!!!! I can’t stop crying!!!!!!!”

In a separate Facebook post, Lee revealed he is struggling to come to terms with his girlfriend’s death.

“Soon as I open my eyes, tears instantly fall! My girls momma gone man!” he wrote. “What the f—??? I don’t know what to do!!!”

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