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Andrew Allan Bush and student Zane Wallace: A College student clings on car hood after hit and run

Andrew Allan Bush, 50, of College Station, Texas, was arrested and charged with a DWI
Posted on December 3, 2018,at 12:10 AM  
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A Texas man managed to avoid being the victim of a hit and run by jumping on the hood of a car and holding on as its intoxicated driver drove away.

Police in Bryan said Andrew Allan Bush, 50, was intoxicated when he crashed into the rear end of  Zane Wallace’s pickup truck Thursday afternoon. After the crash, Wallace said he got out of his vehicle to check the damage and that’s when he saw Bush barrelling toward him.

according to KBTX,50-year-old Andrew Bush was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second DWI and failing to leave info. Zane Wallace says his pickup had minor damage when it was rear-ended by a Dodge Charger when they were stopped on the Briarcrest bridge. The Texas A&M student was shocked by what happened next.

Bush sped toward Wallace, a Texas A&M student, who jumped on the hood of Bush’s car. In a Facebook video captured by a local resident, Wallace clung to the hood of the car as Bush swerved and tried jarring Wallace loose for nearly a half mile at 50 mph.

"I very easily could have been killed in that whole ordeal. And he just didn't care," Wallace said in an interview with KBTX. "I remember banging on the window of the car while I'm holding on screaming let me off let me off and he just shakes his head no," Wallace said.

Bush finally came to a stop at an Exxon convenience store at the intersection of Boonville Road and Briarcrest Parkway.

The Bryan-College Station Eagle reported that Bush was finally boxed in by other cars at the Booneville Road-Copperfield Drive intersection. Bryan Police arrived and took Bush into custody.

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