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Yessenia Jimenez and Luis Soto: A New York police officer who ran a heroin-trafficking ring with her boyfriend

Yessenia Jimenez, 32, ran drug smuggling operation with boyfriend, Luis Soto
Posted on March 8, 2019,at 7:40 AM
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A New York police officer allegedly helped her boyfriend run a drug trafficking ring and stashing about 250 grams of heroin in their apartment.

According to nydailynews reports,Yessenia Jimenez, 31, and her boyfriend, Luis Soto, 33, were busted Tuesday on drug-trafficking and weapon possession charges, as part of a larger investigation into heroin trafficking from Mexico into New York.

According to nypost reports,After a months-long investigation and surveillance, an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency confronted Jimenez and cohort Luis Soto, prosecutors said at the cop’s appearance in court Tuesday.

The agent shined a flashlight into the woman’s car and discovered a bundle of cash along with her NYPD service weapon in her purse, according to the court papers. The bundle allegedly turned out to be $25,000.

The agent then found another in a plastic grocery bag in her trunk, according to court documents. It contained another $25,000, officials said.

Jimenez was released Tuesday night on $75,000 bond.

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