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Vashon Flowers and London Thomas: A man attacking the murder suspect who shot and killed his mother

Vashon Flowers, 46, from Michigan, was sitting in the court charged with the murder of his wife Jamie Thomas-Flowers
Posted on June 6, 2019,at 3:23 AM
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A man charged with shooting and killing his wife was almost attacked by her son during a court appearance on Monday. 

Vashon Flowers, 46, is charged with murder in the death of Jamie Thomas-Flowers at their Muskegon Heights home, near Grand Rapids last month.

MLive reported that London Thomas, the slain woman's son, leaped out of his seat and jumped across the courtroom barrier in an attempt to attack Vashon, who was seated in the jury box talking to Muskegon County Public Defender Fred Johnson at the time. The enraged Thomas was dragged out of the room moments later by law enforcement officers who were present in the courtroom, the video showed.

The preliminary examination was adjourned and rescheduled for June 17.

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