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Timothy Moriarty: A High School teacher harassed his pregnant girlfriend

Timothy Moriartywas hired with the School District of Osceola County in August 2018, officials said.
Posted on February 10, 2019,at 1:55 AM
Andy Neymarc     150,837 Views   

A Poinciana High School teacher has been arrested for stalking and harassing his pregnant girlfriend and her 10-year-old daughter.

According to WKMG-TV reportes,Timothy Moriarty, 43, was arrested this week at Poinciana High School and booked into Osceola County Jail on stalking and criminal mischief charges. He posted bail on Friday.

According to the arrest warrant, Moriarty would shine his high beams into the home where the victim was staying and taped a picture of her daughter on their door.

The victim said she sent her daughter to live with family in New York until she can move into a new home.

Osceola County School officials said Moriarty will not return to teach at Poinciana High School.

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