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Ryan Gamble: One killed in lightning strike, 2 others hospitalized

Ryan Gamble, 44, died from his injuries, according to Georgetown County Coroner Chase Ridgeway.
Posted on July 6, 2019,at 6:09 AM
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A man has died and multiple people were injured after being struck by lightning.

Ryan Gamble, a 44-year-old man from Andrews, was identified by Georgetown County Deputy Coroner Chase Ridgeway as being the victim of the July 4 incident.

The lightning struck a tree on shore next to the river, Geney explained to WCSC. The strike injured as many as a dozen people.

Geney said the area is remote, and pouring rain and unpaved back roads made it difficult to reach the area.

Three people were taken to a hospital for treatment, one of whom was in critical condition and died shortly after, WPDE reported.

An initial report from the National Weather Service said as many as four people were unresponsive after the bolt of lightning. Getting to the remote area became a challenge for first responders because of the pouring rain and a route that included unpaved back roads, Geney said.

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