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Kyle Rittenhouse pictures,the AR-15-toting Trump fanboy who came from Illinois to shoot two unarmed people to death

President Trump defended the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, saying the 17-year-old 'probably would have been killed' by an angry mob if he hadn't fired at them with the illegal gun he was carrying.
Posted on September 1, 2020,at 7:57 AM
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According to tweet,Tucker Carlson talks to Kyle Rittenhouse lawyer John Pierce on the state of Kyle’s case.John: “This is 100% self defense Tucker.”John also debunks claim that the rifle Kyle possessed “crossed state lines.” John: “That is a legal firearm in the state of Wisconsin.”

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was patrolling the streets with an AR-15. He fell over, was hit with a skateboard by other protesters who tried to disarm him, and opened fire, wounding one person and killing two.

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