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Prosecutors seek to question Emmy Tayler, 2nd British woman with ties to Epstein

Emmy Tayler,now 44, lives in Oxford and works as a voice-over artist.
Posted on August 17, 2019,at 2:33 AM
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Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers told investigators that Emmy Tayler was part of the convicted pedophile’s inner circle in the early 2000s, The Telegraph in the UK reported.

One of the alleged victims, Johanna Sjoberg, said Tayler once showed her how to massage Epstein at his mansion in Florida, according to court documents unsealed earlier this month.

Witnesses claim Emmy Tayler, who now lives in a £2.2million townhouse in Oxford, had links to Epstein in the early 2000s. Now, US prosecutors want to speak with her.

Miss Tayler, 44, was named in unsealed court papers as assistant to Ghislaine Maxwell, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Now working as a voice-over artist, Miss Tayler has completed voiceover work for the likes of Cadbury and appeared in some low-budget films, according to an online profile.

Tayler, the daughter of an Oxford University professor, came to the US with the dream of becoming a model or actress and met Maxwell in New York.

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