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How to draw anime eyes step by step female

Eyelash Tips| Now, lots of folks tend to draw the lashes for a female eye flat and too straight. I'd like to spice mine up with a bit of realistic measures, by creating and 'outward flow' which curves deliberately at the tips.
Posted on June 10, 2019,at 2:34 AM
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Draw the elegant curve for the eyelashes.

Draw a partial oblong (not closed) that touches or overlaps the eyelashes.

Draw partial oblongs in the middle of the oblong in Step 2. This is for the eye’s pupil.

Draw two small horizontal ovals – bigger at the left than at the right. Draw another brushed curve for the eyelashes but smaller than the first and add another small curve that extends from the small eyelashes.

Draw another brushed curve for the eyebrow, thicker at the right.

Refine, then trace with a pen, and erase unnecessary lines.

Color like anime!

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