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Dr Lauren McKeown: A woman who worked at NASA has called out a man on a dating app

Dr Lauren McKeown, who previously worked at NASA, was asked by a potential suitor called Mikey on Hinge if she had been “the receptionist” at the California-based organisation.
Posted on August 19, 2019,at 4:56 AM
Molly Murphy     185,772 Views   

A woman who worked at NASA has called out a man on a dating app who asked if she was the receptionist.

Dr Lauren McKeown, from Dublin, who previously worked at the NASA space centre in California, was asked by her Hinge match Mikey if she worked 'as the receptionist'.

Lauren shared the cringeworthy exchange on Twitter, with Mikey going on to tell her it was a 'joke' because she looked 'reasonably smart'.  

Responding to the part of Lauren’s profile where she reveals “The dorkiest thing about me is...I worked at NASA”, the man wrote, “f**k me that’s cool. Wait till I tell my parents.”

He then continued: “So what are you, like the receptionist?

“Jk you look reasonably smart.”

In a reply that has been praised by social media users, Lauren wrote back: “Smart enough to know at least that judging a woman's intelligence based on her appearance might not be the best way to initiate conversation.

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