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De'Von Bailey: 19-year-old black teenager shot four times by Two officers

De'Von Bailey soon collapsed and moaned as officers handcuffed him. He died later after being transported to a hospital.
Posted on August 16, 2019,at 8:20 AM
Martin Brandt     65,760 Views   

Two officers shooting 19-year-old black teenager in the back as he ran from them, ignoring their commands to put his hands up.

The bodycam footage from the Colorado Springs Police Department shows De'Von Bailey, 19, running from two officers who were questioning him and another man about a reported robbery before being shot three times in the back and once in the back of his arm.

Bailey's family was "devastated" after seeing the "wholly unjustified killing of their family member," the family's attorneys said in a statement. The teen's family and friends had rallied this week in front of the city's police headquarters, demanding an independent investigation into his Aug. 3 death.

Colorado Springs police did not release a statement on Thursday.

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