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Brittany Smith pictures, A woman pleaded guilty after shooting and killing a man she said raped her and attacked her brother

Brittany Smith, 32, pleaded guilty on Friday and was sentenced to 20 years in prison after murdering Todd Smith
Posted on October 10, 2020,at 7:28 AM
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A woman who said she killed a man because he raped her and attacked her brother.

Brittany Smith, 32, pleaded guilty on Friday and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with all but 18 months suspended. With credit for time served, she will serve seven more months in the Jackson County Jail.

The incident in question happened two years ago, according to the New Yorker, when Todd Smith called Brittany and asked if she could pick him up from a city park, where he was stranded. A day before, she had bought a puppy from the man, who was an acquaintance. (Todd did not tell her that his father had kicked him out of the house after an altercation.) Brittany felt uneasy, but it was snowing, so she decided to lend a hand, along with her brother, Chris McCallie.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Jenifer Holt rejected the "stand your ground" self-defense claim of Brittany Smith on Monday, citing records that allege Smith tried to destroy evidence and also gave testimony that didn't line up with medical evaluations and other evidence from the scene, reported.

Holt said physical evidence of Brittany Smith's injuries showed bruising to her neck, bite marks and a broken fingernail, reports CBS Huntsville, Alabama affiliate WHNT-TV. But Holt said the injuries didn't reflect sexual assault by Todd Smith.

Brittany Smith with her brother Chris McCallie.

Brittany's mother, Ramona McCallie, told the publication that she was heartbroken at the outcome of the case, breaking down in tears. 'My baby girl doesn't deserve this,' she said.

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