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Anderson Davis: 17-month-old baby struck by shrapnel in her face and chest in the Odessa, Texas mass shooting

One of the injured victims was identified as 17-month-old Anderson Davis, who was struck by shrapnel in her face and chest
Posted on July 22, 2020,at 8:39 AM
Suayip Koc     139,740 Views   

Anderson Davis of Odessa is the 17-month-old baby that was hit with a bullet fragment fr om the Odessa, Texas shooting.

Anderson Davis, the toddler wounded in the Odessa, Texas mass shooting, has “a hole through her bottom lip and tongue and her front teeth were knocked out,” according to a GoFundme page set up to help the 17-month-old.

The page named Anderson as the injured child and quotes her mother. You can donate here. More than $97,000 had been raised to help the child in the immediate hours after the August 31, 2019 mass shooting. Authorities in Odessa and Midland say that a still unidentified gunman shot 21 people, killing 5 of them, in a random shooting rampage that started with a traffic stop and ended in a movie theater parking lot.

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