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Paul Steber: 19-year-old freshman arrested after allegedly planning mass shooting at High Point University

Paul Steber is a Boston native who told authorities he came to North Carolina because it was easier to obtain guns.
Posted on August 30, 2019,at 2:14 AM
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Police arrested a college student in North Carolina after he admitted to planning a mass shooting at his school, ABC News reports.

According to prosecutors, 19-year-old freshman Paul Steber had been studying mass shootings for nearly a year and planned to kill his roommate and himself if he didn't get into a fraternity.

Through the course of the investigation, detectives found “probable cause to charge Steber with one count of Communicating a Threat of Mass Violence on Educational Property (Class H Felony)” according to a police statement.

Students alerted school security that Steber had two firearms and ammunition in his dorm room, police said. School security then alerted the police who raided Steber’s dorm room at UC Wanek freshman housing and found him in possession of a Star Super Modelo 9mm and a Brownson, Slucom, and Hopkins percussion shotgun along with ammunition and a “plan and timeline to kill people”, according to court documents obtained by Fox 8.

Steber had been studying videos to learn how to carry out a mass shooting, Assistant District Attorney Lori Wickline said in court, the Associated Press reports.

"He told officers that he definitely had a plan, something that he had been thinking about since Christmas of last year," she said. "And he had been recently watching videos of the Charleston mass shooting down in South Carolina and other mass shootings so that he could learn what to do and what not to do."

Authorities say Steber has no previous criminal record.

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