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Lesley Groff pictures, Jeffrey Epstein's former assistant

Leslie Groff worked as Epstein's assistant in a business capacity.
Posted on August 30, 2019,at 7:04 AM
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Lesley Groff, Jeffrey Epstein's former assistant. He begged her not to go on maternity leave in 2004, giving her a Mercedes to make her commute better and offering to pay for her nanny. He called her an 'extension of his brain'.

Leslie Groff worked as his assistant in a business capacity. 

In 2004, when she announced she was pregnant and tried to leave, Epstein bought her a Mercedes to make her commute more enjoyable and said he would pay for her to have a full-time nanny.

'There is no way that I could lose Lesley to motherhood,' he told The Chicago Tribune a year later in an article about his staff.

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