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Haley Robson Pictures, a fifth woman under scrutiny for Jeffrey Epstein

Haley Robson,now 33, she was hired to give Epstein a massage in her thong and later worked as a recruited.
Posted on August 30, 2019,at 4:31 AM
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Haley Robson, a fifth woman under scrutiny, was not offered a plea deal in Florida after admitting to working as a recruiter for Jeffrey Epstein. And although Palm Beach Police wanted to charge her, she was not indicted by a grand jury,according to The New York Times.

Haley Robson was a student at Royal Palm Beach High School when she first met Jeffrey Epstein, according to an affidavit from the Palm Beach Police department (embedded above). She told police the first encounter occurred just after her 17th birthday.

Robson says she was approached by a classmate named Molly, who asked her if she’d like to earn some money by giving a massage to a billionaire. Robson told police in a sworn statement that she met Sarah Kellen the first time she went to Epstein’s house as well. She was taken to a room with a massage table and Epstein, wearing only a towel, came in and laid down naked on the table.

Robson explained, “He tried to touch me but I stopped him.” She said that she agreed to perform the massage naked, but refused to allow Epstein to touch her. Epstein paid Robson $200 for the massage.

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