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Fred Ordine and his son Chadwick Quinones pictures, high-speeds and crashed in the Lincoln Tunnel

New Jersey man Fred Ordine, 44 - a guitarist in a heavy metal band - and his son Chadwick Quinones, 25, were racing in their Corvette sports cars
Posted on November 27, 2019,at 11:44 PM
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A father and son, accused of drag racing through the Lincoln Tunnel.

New Jersey man Fred Ordine, 44, (left) and his son Chadwick Quinones, 25, (right) were arrested on Tuesday after they went drag racing and crashed their Corvette sports cars in the Lincoln Tunnel on February 9 then Quinones shared video of the race on Instagram months later.

Quinones and Ordine fled the scene before police arrived, Port Authority spokeswoman Lenis Rodrigues said to the Daily Voice.  

Quinones then returned to the scene about an hour and a half later and admitted he was involved in the crash. 

'We were messing around in the tunnel and I lost it, and hit him,' Quinones said, according to court papers as per the New York Daily News.

'We feel bad about it,' Ordine said.

The follow-up investigation has now led to new charges including reckless endangerment, holding an illegal speed contest, and reckless driving against both the father and son.

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