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Camryn Crowder and his girlfriend Brittany Dungey: Boyfriend crawled on top of girlfriend to protect her

Camryn Crowder, 24, pushed his girlfriend Brittany Dungey to the ground and jumped on top of her to shield her from flying bullets in Sunday's devastating shooting in Dayton.
Posted on August 7, 2019,at 8:58 PM
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A woman tripped as she tried to flee a gunman outside and her boyfriend crawled on top of her to protect her.

Camryn Crowder, 24, acted as a human shield to his girlfriend, Brittany Dungey, as the shots from gunman Connor Betts rang out. He then dragged her to take cover behind a concrete planter.

'I turn my head and I see some guy pointing a gun,' Crowder said to the Dayton Daily News, speaking on how he instinctively protected Dungey, with whom he just welcomed a baby girl last month.

After a few moments the two decide it's safe, stand up, and run away from the scene. 

He said he became a human shield for his girlfriend 'just to make sure she didn’t get hit.'

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